Saturday, April 3, 2010


The topic of this weeks discussion being e-books brings many questions to light for me. First I wonder if doing away with textbooks in lue of ebooks is such a great idea. I like that you can access textbooks quickly using ebooks but I am still in favor a picking up a book to find information. I also wonder if constantly using a computer screen for reading really helps eyesight. I also have noticed by using a kindle ebook that the screen is very small.
I wonder if ebooks will be more or less expensive than textbooks? I think that the price of textbooks is becoming more and more expensive so if ebooks can be a cheaper alternative I am definately in favor of that.
As for ebooks in a classroom setting I like the idea of them for reference materials because they cut down on shelf space needed in the library. As for using them in an elementary school I think that they are alittle advanced. Although I like the idea of the creativity that can be used to create ebooks as way of exploring a unit or lesson. In attending the online conference I discovered that creating ebooks can be quite easy and fun and that the students enjoy doing this type of work. It also makes for a nice alternative for parents to follow what there children are up to at school.
All in all I like the idea of ebooks. We will see if they take off after they work out the problems they have with there hardware. On to next week.

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